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Causes of Enlarged Kidney

Time:  2015-07-04 13:58

The kidneys of normal people can’t be touched, but when the kidneys enlarged gradually, though the kidneys haven’t move down, we can touch it. If the patients want to know their size of kidney, they can do some examination such as supersonic sounding, x-ray, radionuclide scanning or CT examination.

The cause of enlarged kidney:

In fact, the enlarged kidney is renal edema. Edema is caused by organic water sodium metabolic obstacle, when the water sodium metabolism is imbalance, it will lead to water-sodium retention, if it surpasses the 10% of weight, the patients will have the symptom of edema.

Declined GFR, the function of endocrine secretion and declined plasma colloid osmotic pressure which leads water into tissue space. Though some patients’ kidney cells and tissues have been damaged and their GFR is low, they have no symptom of edema, because their renal tubular reabsorption capacity is worse than GFR, they have no water-sodium retention.

The principle of treatment:

It’s slow to treat the root of disease, the patients should accept the treatment that focus on pathogenesis.

1 Salt. The patients usually have the symptoms of sodium water retention, so they have to control the salt intake, but it should be controlled in a range, or it will lead to hyponatremia.

2 Diuresis. The patients can use diuretics with sodium control so as to discharge sodium-water to relieve the edema, hypertension and cardiac load

3 Proteinuria control. The patients can use immunosuppressive drug, such as dexamethasone, prednisone to recover the normal permeability of glomerulus

4 Pay attention to supplying plasma proteins.

In all, patients should keep healthy life style, they should have more coarse food grain, refuse the greasy and spicy food and keep a good mood.

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