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Can We Reduce Albuminuria To Avoid Dialysis

Time:  2018-04-19 15:50

1. 24 hours urinary protein quantitation, what should pay attention on urine retention?

24 hours of urine retention is more stringent, From 7 o'clock in the morning to second 7 o'clock in the morning. On the first day, don't leave the urine at 7 o'clock. Leave the urine at second days 7 o'clock.

Usually urine is kept at room temperature without preservatives. If the room temperature is too high or go far away for medical treatment, ice bags can be used to keep the temperature.

Patients with normal diet in the urine, avoid strenuous exercise, so as not to affect the test results.

2. What is the direct difference between microalbuminuria, urine protein creatinine ratio and 24h urinary protein quantitation?

Albumin is also a component of albuminuria, mainly in patients with glomerular disease, such as diabetic nephropathy. Microalbuminuria refers to the presence of albumin in 30-300mg, more than 300mg is the dominant protein.

Urine protein creatinine ratio can be said to be a "substitute" for 24h urine protein quantitative, if 24 hours of urine retention failure, but also you want to know the renal function, you can check the urine protein creatinine ratio.

In comparison, 24h protein quantification can more accurately reflect proteinuria and renal function.

3. The more serious the proteinuria is, the more serious it is? How often do you check the 24h protein quantitative?

Whether the condition is serious or not depends on the pathological types and complications. The higher the proteinuria, the more protein leakage, the more serious the urine protein. The quantitative proteinuria is more than 3.5g for severe proteinuria.

For patients who have just discovered the disease, they should check the 24h protein in each case, and check it in about 1 months. If the condition is stable, check it once 3-6 months. Proteinuria is an independent factor affecting renal function, so timely control can help to avoid the progress of renal function.

Low salt and low protein

Low salt can help stabilize blood pressure, reduce kidney burden, and help stabilize protein levels, a low protein diet avoids more protein leaks and reduces protein's damage to kidney function.

To avoid uremia, should proteinuria be reduced to normal?

In fact, 24 hours of proteinuria can be below 1g, which can guarantee the long-term stability of the kidney function, its own renal function has been damaged, down to 0.15g is more difficult, so do not impose, cause psychological pressure, but not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

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