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Can High Creatinine Level Patients Drink Orange Juice

Time:  2014-09-15 17:23

Can High Creatinine Level Patients Drink Orange Juice

Can High Creatinine Level Patients Drink Orange Juice

High creatinine level patients have many restrictions on their diets. While, orange juice is loved by the old and the young. Can high creatinine level patients drink orange juice? Let’s have a look together.

The benefits of orange juice are as following:

Balance Blood Pressure

High creatinine level patients usually have high blood pressure, medical study revealed that hesperidin found in orange juice works to improve the activity of small blood bessels and regulate your blood pressure into balance and help you to decrease cardiovascular risks.

Provide Vitamin C

We must ingest Vitamin C in our food and drink, because Vitamin C can not be synthesized by the human body. Drinking two glasses of orange juice each day can increase the Vitamin C concentration in your body. The Vitamin C in orange juice can protect your bodies from infecting by harmful substances from outside.

Provide Fiber

Orange juice also contains lots of fiber. There has been proven to be effective that fiber can help to reduce high cholesterol levels, thus helping prevent atherosclerosis.

In addition, orange juice are low in fat, sodium, and protein, therefore, to some extent, orange juice can prevent the production of creatinine in your body and prevent the creatinine level from rising.

From above mentioned, we know that high creaitnine level patients can drink orange juice, but you need to consult your doctor how much orange juice can you drink, because excess drink can cause you diarrhea.

If you have diabetes, you should restrict the intake of orange juice, because a cup of orange juice contains a lot of natural sugar that affects insulin level.

To sum up, high creatinine level can drink orange juice.

If you still have doubts about the health diet of high creatinine, you can leave a message about your own illness condition to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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