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Can high creatinine patients eat onion

Time:  2014-08-29 02:04

Creatinine is the main index of kidney function and considered as the first symptom of kidney disease. High creatinine probably means that he may suffering from kidney disease. For high creatinine patients, they must follow strict diet. Then there are patients who asked whether high creatinine patients eat onion. Today I will explain it to you.

Onion contain a lot of nutrition such as sodium, vitaminC, Folate, zinc, fiber and so on. According to laboratory test, onion have a lot of effects:

1.protect Cardiovascular: onion contains prostaglandin A which can expand the vessels and decrease blood viscosity. Then alleviate high blood pressure, increases the blood flow of coronary artery and avoided the formation of a thrombus.

2.Improve the appetite, promote digestion, according to the research, the onion can increase gastrointestinal tension and promote bowel movements. Onion has effects in alleviate atrophic nephritis, lack of exercise in the stomach, indigestion.

3.The sulfide that contained in onion can promote the metabolic of fat as well as hypolipidemic. Avoid atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

Now we know that onion beneficial our body a lot. However, patients who’s suffering from high creatinine should limit the intake of onion. Because high creatinine can lead to hyperkalemia, while onion contains plenty of sodium, if patients eat too much onion will deteriorate the illness and cause more serious kidney damages.

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However, diet only plays the helping role in treating high creatinine, patients who want to reverse high creatinine should choose effective treatments. TCM therapy is short for traditional Chinese medicine and differ from regular roles. This therapy includes 7 parts and each of them has unique function. It showed good results in clinic and good reputation among these patients.

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