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Can I Live without Dialysis at Creatinine 7.4

Time:  2014-03-08 03:41

Can I Live without Dialysis at Creatinine 7.4Can I live without dialysis at creatinine 7.4? Many kidney failure patients concern this question. Creatinine 7.4 means that most of your kidney functions have been lost and you have developed into stage 4 kidney disease. Have interest in this topic? Read on to find the answer.

If you are only taking dialysis now, you are not suggested to stop dialysis. Because your kidney function is not improved . If you stop dialysis now, your high level of creatinine will go up again. Only when the kidney function is improved can you stop dialysis. Now, an effective treatment is recommended to you, which aims at improving kidney function. if you are interested in it, you can send an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com or read on.

Hot Compress Therapy

This therapy is called hot compress therapy. Creatinine 7.4 means that your kidney damage is serious now and we must repair kidney damage first. Luckily, hot compress therapy is such an therapy. This is an external therapy which has no side effect to patients. The effective Chinese herbs are selected by our top kidney experts. And the types of medicines are different from each other due to the individual illness conditions. With the improved kidney function, creatinine 7.4 can be reduced gradually and you can get rid of dialysis overtime.

Diet plan for creatinine 7.4 without dialysis

1. Reduce sodium intake

Sodium tends to promote water retention. Therefore, it would be better if you can stay away from all such foods that supply extra sodium to the body. Salty foods, processed foods and packaged foods should be avoided in this condition.

2. Avoid creatine supplements and vanadium

Athletes and bodybuilders often consume creatine as a dietary supplement, in order to fuel their skeletal muscles and enhance their performance. But this could be dangerous, as by supplying extra creatine, the kidney's not only swell or increase in size but could also cause heart problems or muscle cramps. Therefore, to ensure faster reduction of creatinine levels in the blood, one must avoid creatine supplements. Vanadium is often consumed by diabetic patients, and an overdose could easily increase the creatinine levels in the blood, so one must avoid vanadium with creatinine 7.4.

In addition, you should pay more attention to your diet and keep it in a healthy style. About the the above question: can I live without dialysis with creatinine 7.4? You can live more than you expected with effective therapy and proper diet. Any question? Leave a message below, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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