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Chinese And Western Medicines To Lower High Creatinine

Time:  2014-02-12 07:55

Chinese And Western Medicines To Lower High CreatinineCreatinine level is an important indicator for assessing kidney function, and high creatinine level usually indicate kidney damage. Lowering high creatinine level becomes very urgent so as to stop further kidney damage. For this reason, western and Chinese medicine is used to reduce high creatinine level.

1. Western medicines for lower high creatinine level

Diuretic medicines

Diuretic medicines can be used to increase urine output. In this case, wastes including creatinine and urea and toxins are able to be discharged from the body. However, you should control the dosage of diuretics, because regular use of diuretics for a long time will in turn cause high creatinine level.

Calcium channel blocker

It is one common hypotensive medicine which is able to lower high creatinine level by expanding blood vessels and increase blood flow through kidneys.

It is a known fact that western medicines have quick effects on reducing high creatinine level and other symptoms. However, once you reduce the dosage of medicines, your high creatinine level may relapse easily. Therefore,western medicines can not reduce high creatinine level from the root. Then, what is the fundamental treatment for lowering high creatinine level?

2. Chinese herbal medicines

Some Chinese herbal medicines like Chinese rhubarb, ligusticum wallichii, turnjujube, semen cassiae and so on are used to lower high creatinine level by way of promoting intestinal detoxification.

Through years of research, clinical experts create hot compress therapy which combines western medicines and Chinese herbs. The western medicines are used to control the symptoms effectively, while Chinese herbs are chosen carefully depending on patients’ health conditions. In hot compress therapy, scattered Chinese herbs can permeate into the body quickly with the help of two osmotic devices, and the efficacy of herbs can be absorbed directly by your damaged kidney area through your skin. Besides, hot compress therapy has the function of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, blood vessel dilation and degradation of extracellular matrix. Through this, it can prevent renal fibrosis and improve ischemia and hypoxia state of kidneys so as to improve kidney function. Only when kidney function is improved can high creatinine level be lowered naturally.

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