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Can Vitamins Affect Creatinine Levels

Time:  2015-07-18 11:21

Creatinine is the metabolites of human body, if the filtering mechanism of kidneys is deficient or they have a muscle wasting disease, such as muscular dystrophy or trauma, there will be higher levels of creatine in your urine.

There are many reasons for high creatinine:

1 the patients with kidney problems have concurrent infection like cold, pneumonia, UTI and so on.

2 patients lose water from human body, for example, fever, sweat.

Creatinine levels in blood and urine may be used to calculate total creatinine clearance. According to the “Textbook of Medical Physiology” men tend to have higher levels of creatinine because they have more skeletal muscle mass than women, although all vegetarians have low levels. So patients must to pay attention to their lifestyle and diet in daily life.

Some patients prefer much vitamin to lower cteatinine. According to “Vitamins: Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health” taking supplemental vitamin C usually elevates blood serum creatinine levels and clearance creatinine levels, although this is heavily depending on dosage, lifestyle and health status. A study published in a 2005 edition of found that supplemental vitamin C reduced creatinine levels in rats with kidney disease due to its protective and oxidative effects. Thus, vitamin C may help reduce creatinine levels for people with kidney disease.

Except vitamin, other vegetables and fruits can help patients to lower creatinine.

1 Salt. Patient intake the amount of salt should according to the patients illness condition, if the patients who have the symptoms of edema or hypertension should have less salt or no salt.

2 Protein supply. The patients of renal insufficient with azotemia should control protein intake in older to preventing exacerbation

3 Patients had better to choose Vitamin A, B2, C to lower creatinine.

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