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The Causes of High Creatinine

Time:  2015-07-10 10:23

Creatinine is metabolites of muscle, every 20g muscle metabolism can produce 1g creatinine which is eliminated out of human body by glomerulus, the normal data of creatinine is from 40mg/dl to 130mg/dl.

Many peoples’ life quality is influenced by high creatinine which can lead to much serious illness. Creatinine has a great relationship with muscle which produce creatinine that is eliminated out of human body by urine. When renal function has problems, the creatinine will be deposited in human body to form toxic substances.

The normal data of creatinine is 44-133umol/L, if the data exceed the normal data, it shows kidneys have problems, there are some reasons for high creatinine:

1 If the patients have concurrent infection such as cold, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infection and so on, the high creatinine can occur in short time.

2 Human body loses its water, like hot, sweat, less water intake, blood concentration in diuretic stage, less blood flow in kidneys which cause high creatinine.

3 Patients intake the medicines which can damage kidneys cause high creatinine, maybe it is irreversible.

4 The illness of patients relapse which appear oliguria even anuria merge with acute renal insufficiency can cause high creatinine.

5 People feel exhaust because of less rest and they don’t pay attention to daily details which can cause high creatinine.

6 The patients already have hypertension and amounts of proteinuria for a long time, they may have high creatinine gradually.

When you know some knowledge about high creatinine, you can make precaution in advance. If the patients have high creatinine, they should look for a method that focus on the root of disease and it can avoid relapsing.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine adopts Chinese herbal Medicines to treat the kidney disease from root and we get lots of achievement. Our hospital research a complete and stereo therapeutic system which replies and combines various of Chinese herbal medicines according to different illness. Many foreign patients come to our hospital to accept treatment and they are satisfied with our therapy.

If you are interested in our therapy, you can contact us by email: chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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