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Diet for High Creatinine Patients

Time:  2015-07-02 08:57

Patients of kidney disease usually have symptoms of high creatinine with metabolism imbalance of water, sodium, potassium, infection and so on. They should know some common sense of diseases and keep healthy life style.

Why do patients have this symptom?

1 If the patients have  renal problems, they always get complications like cold, intestinal infection, pneumonia, urinary tract infection which induce high creatinine.

2 Lots of water run out of human body by fever, hidrosis, less water intake, blood concentration, less blood volume which induce high creatinine

3 If the patients cann’t rest well, they always in tired state for a long time and they don’t pay attention to life details, it may induce high creatinine.

4 Patients have hypertension, amounts of protein urine appears for a long time, the high creatinine will increase gradully.

How to keep healthy diet for high creatinine patients?

1 Salt. Though the patients in azotemia stage have high creatinine with light clinical symptoms, their kidneys get light damage, they can control their salt intake according whether they have edema.

2 Protein supply. In order to change the situation of azotemia and prevent renal function from deteriorating sequentially, they should chose high quality creatinine.

3 Vitamin intake. Patients should prefer the food with rich Vitamin2, B2, C.

4 If the patients only have high creatinine without oliguria or edema, they can keep less salt diet; if the patients have serious edema, hypertension even the congestive heart failure, they should avoid salt strictly.

Diet treatment is guarantee for renal function recovering and rest renal function reserving. Beside diet, patients with high creatinine should limit cigarette and alcohol whose toxin focus on kidneys and vessels. When patients smoke and drink too much, they will hurt renal vessels seriously and accelerate renal arteriosclerosis.

Though the diet in daily life is important, but it’s not enough, appropriate therapy is the key step for patients.

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