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A Well-Managed Diet for High Blood Urea Nitrogen

Time:  2014-04-02 03:16

Blood urea nitrogen is an important indicator that reflects how the kidneys work. In general, the normal level is range 2.86mmol/L--7.9mmol/L for adult. When the blood test shows that their BUN level is more than normal level, they will want to lower it. A well-managed diet for high blood urea nitrogen can help you to a certain extent.

Arrange a good diet to lower high BUN

The general requirement of high BUN diet is to consume correct amount of high-quality protein such as milk, lean meat, egg white, etc. Avoid the foods which contain purine such as animal giblets, seafood, fat meat, etc, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Pay close attention to the fruits and vegetables in life

According to the research, some fruits and vegetables are able to help remove more blood urea nitrogen from the body. For example, cranberry and kiwi fruit which contains rich vitamin C is able to help improve the kidney function and accelerate the rate of kidney filtering BUN. Celery and white gourd has an effect of making patients produce more urine to remove more wastes including blood urea nitrogen. However, not all people with kidney failure can consume the above foods. You had better consult your doctor or talk to our online doctor before eating them.

Though a well-managed diet can not treat high blood urea nitrogen from root, it can help decrease the progression of the growth of blood urea nitrogen and increase your immunity.

The effective treatment is necessary for patients with high blood urea nitrogen besides well-managed diet. Here, Hot Compress Therapy is strongly recommended to you. This is an external application which has approved to be effective and convenient by years of clinical practice. Many kidney disease patients have deserved its benefits in Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine. What is more important, it can help lower BUN from root and improve kidney function effectively. If you want to know this therapy further, send your doubt to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com. We will glad to help you.

For you with high blood urea nitrogen, a well-managed diet and effective treatment are both vital. Do remember there will be a way to help you, do not lose hope for life. We are here to help. If you have problem with your kidney disease, leave us a message below, we will reply to you within two business days. God bless you!



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