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Why Does Patient With Purpura Have Purpura Nephritis

Time:  2014-01-11 08:54

Why Does Patient With Purpura Have Purpura NephritisPurpura refers to anaphylactoid purpura, which is an autoimmune disease, and its damage to our body can involve many organs. When purpura cause damage to patient’s kidney, kidney disease will be called as purpura nephritis.

Why purpura can cause patient to have purpura nephritis?

As we have said, purpura is an autoimmune disease, and the antibodies produced by patient’s own body will damage the blood capillaries, and that may also appear in patient’s kidney, which can be a major cause of purpura nephritis.

Besides, purpura is an autoimmune disease, and it will produce lots of immune complexes. These immune complexes may be transported by patient’s blood circulation to his kidneys, and they may accumulate in there. While the accumulated immune complexes will cause inflammatory reaction in kidney, and then focus will form.

What can cause people to have purpura?

Purpura nephritis is a complication of purpura, so the factors that can cause patient to have purpura can may also become the reasons of purpura nephritis.

In general, many reasons can lead to patient the appearance of purpura nephritis.

1. Infection: about one third cases of purpura has the history of upper respiratory tract infection, and that may be caused by bacteria or virus, etc.

2. Medicines: some medicines can also cause people to have purpura, like captopril, sulfanilamide, antibiotics, etc.

3. Foods: some foods are anaphylactic, like fish, shrimp and crab diver, etc. And that may also cause patient to have this kind of allergic reaction.

4.Other reasons: patient’s diseases can also be caused by many other reasons, like cold stimulation, plant pollen, mosquito, vaccine, oil paint, etc.

These above are the common causes of purpura nephritis. In fact, purpura nephritis is a kidney disease that can cause patient to have nephrotic syndrome, and patient can have many obvious problems in his body. So, patient with purpura nephritis should take measures to cope with his condition as soon as possible.

In the end, if you have any other trouble in dealing with this disease, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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