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Useful Suggestions On Reducing High Creatinine Level 10.3 In PKD

Time:  2014-02-08 02:51

Useful Suggestions On Reducing High Creatinine Level 10.3 In PKDIs there any effective way for reducing high creatinine level 10.3 in Polycystic Kidney Disease? Since high creatinine level 10.3 is a dangerous indicator of kidney function, it is urgent for patients to find out effective treatment to decrease high creatinine level.

For high creatinine level, we provide you the following methods to lower it.

1. Diet management

You should eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid rich creatinine foods

What can you eat?

It would be better to eat cabbage, cucumber, omega 3 rich foods, tofu, radishes, raw onions, sprouts and soy milk.

What foods should you avoid?

You are suggested to avoid high creatinine foods like meat, rich protein foods and animal organs. Besides, you should limit salt or sodium intake and pay more attention to fluid intake according to your health condition.

2. Chinese medicine treatment for reducing high creatinine level 10.3 effectively.

Chinese medicine therapy is not a single treatment for healing kidney problems, but a systemic treatment, including hot compress therapy, immunotherapy, foot bath, medicated bath and blood polluted therapy and so on. The root cause of high creatinine 10.3 in PKD is the damaged kidneys failing to excrete excess creatinine out of the body, causing elevated serum creatinine. If high creatinine level is not decreased for a long time, it will lead to further kidney damages. Therefore, repairing damaged kidneys has great significance in reducing high creatinine. The Chinese medicines are able to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells. By repairing intrinsic kidney cells, the kidney function can be improved greatly, which is because kidneys work chiefly depending on a group of intrinsic cells such as kidney epithelial cells and kidney mesangial cells, etc. With the improvement of kidney function, high creatinine level will be reduced to some extent.

Apart from reducing high creatinine level, Chinese medicines can also shrink kidney cysts naturally both in numbers and size and play a role in delaying the progression of polycystic kidney disease.

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