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How To Prevent Hematuria For A Adult With Polycystic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-01-28 06:45

How To Prevent Hematuria For A Adult With Polycystic Kidney DiseaseHow to treat hematuria with Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)? Hematuria is also called blood in urine, which is a common symptom of PKD. Once patients suffers from hematuria, they are easy to have abdominal infections associated with fever, swelling and decrease in kidney function. Therefore, many PKD patients are eager to find an effective and natural treatment.

How to prevent hematuria mainly depends on what is causing it, so first let’s learn what causes hematuria.

1. Ruptured kidney cysts

When kidney cysts enlarge to a certain size, they easily rupture and they may rupture due to mild knock on kidney location. In this condition, blood in urine caused by ruptured kidney cysts disappears naturally within one week.

2. Kidney stone

Kidney stone is one common complications of PKD. When an adult with PKD is affected by kidney stone, he has a higher risk for blood in urine, which is because kidney stone in the process of moving may chafe the renal pelvis and ureter mucosa. In this condition,it will damage the blood capillary, leading to blood in urine.

These cysts may cause many symptoms and keep destroying the kidney function. Clinically, there are many cases in which PKD develops into renal failure finally because the illness conditions can not be controlled well. If you want to prevent hematuria effectively, you should shrink the cysts. Unluckily, there are no effective treatment for PKD patients in many nations, patients can only wait. When the illness condition develops into kidney failure, your doctor will recommend you dialysis. For a long time of dialysis, kidney transplant may be your last choice.

To treat hematuria in PKD, Chinese medicine therapy is the best method for you which can shrink cysts. Hot compress therapy in Chinese Medicine Therapy selects specific herbs and the effective ingredients of herbal medicines will filter into kidneys through the main channels. Besides, Chinese medicines can carry some nutrients to kidneys for restoring kidney tissues and can repair damaged kidney inherent cells and enhance the patients’ immunity. As long as your kidney function is improve, hematuria can be alleviated to some extent.

Additionally, patients should keep a good mood and a healthy diet, which is able to help them recover as soon as possible.

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