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Is Dialysis Helpful to Reduce High Creatinine Level in PKD

Time:  2015-02-10 10:01

Is Dialysis Helpful to Reduce High Creatinine Level in PKDHigh creatinine level has bee considered as a severe sign of kidney damage, it refers to that there are lots of toxic substances being accumulated in the kidneys. In clinical, dialysis is commonly used to eliminate the toxic substances deposited in the body to decrease high creatinine level. While, is dialysis really helpful to reduce high creatinine level in PKD?

Why PKD causes high creatinine level?

Polycystic Kidney Disease is characterized with numerous kidney cysts in the kidneys. As time goes by, the number and size of kidney cysts get enlarged, as a result, the they will give much more pressure the normal body tissues and organs in the body, casing them to lose their normal function. With the decreasing kidney function, the wastes products will deposit in the body.

How does dialysis reduce high creatinine level?

Dialysis is a procedure which cleans the toxic substances and extra fluid by filtering blood. There are two type of dialysis including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis uses a dialyzer to clean blood. The dialyzer connects to a machine. During treatment, your blood flows through tubes into the dialyzer. The dialyzer filters out wastes and extra fluids. Then the newly cleaned flows through another set of tubes and back into your body. Peritoneal dialysis is a procedure that replaces the work of your kidneys. It can achieve the function of removing extra water, wastes and chemicals from your body. This type of dialysis uses the lining of your abdomen to filter your blood. This lining is called the peritoneal membrane. Dialysate travels through a special tube into your abdomen. Fluid, wastes products and chemicals pass from tiny blood vessels in the peritoneal membrane into the dialysate. After several hours, the dialysate gets drained from your abdomen, taking the wastes from your blood with it.

Is dialysis helpful to reduce high creatinine level in PKD?

To some extent, dialysis helps to rid the wastes products in the body, but it can not solve the problem fundamentally. After several days later, the creatinine level will raise again.

Since high creatinine level in PKD is caused by the the growth of kidney cysts. So shrinking kidney cysts naturally is the most fundamental way to reduce high creatinine level.

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