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How To Control High Blood Pressure In PKD

Time:  2014-01-23 08:45

How To Control High Blood Pressure In PKDThe goal of PKD treatment is to manage symptoms. Controlling high blood pressure is the most important part of treatment in PKD. Well, how to control high blood pressure? Read through the article, and you can find the treatment for high blood pressure.

The following will give detailed information on controlling high blood pressure.

1. Medications for controlling high blood pressure

ACEI and ARBs are two kinds of hoptensive drugs for high blood pressure. These can be used alone or combined with diuretics or other medicines. After taking these hoptensive medicines, not only high blood pressure can be controlled well, but also protein in urine will be reduced. In addition, these medicines will also lighten kidney burden, so they are good choice for high blood pressure in polycystic kidney disease. What’s more, calcium channel blockers, diuretics and beta-blocker can also used to lower high blood pressure.

2. Dietary management for controlling high blood pressure

The main cause of high blood pressure is water-sodium retention, so in your daily diet you should follow a low sodium or salt diet. High sodium or salt diet will worsen your high blood pressure. Therefore, you should avoid some salt-rich foods such as canned foods, processed foods, bacon and chips and so on.

3. Chinese Medicine is a fundamental treatment for high blood pressure

Hoptensive medicine and dietary management can only control high blood pressure temporarily, and sometimes patients are only to find the medicines are not effective enough. This is because you do not treat high blood pressure from the root which refers that you do not remit cysts augment. In this condition, a fundamental way to lower high blood pressure is to shrink kidney cysts and improve kidney function. Chinese Medicine can help you achieve satisfactory treatment. Chinese medicine can increase the permeability of cyst wall, decrease the activity of lining cells and change inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall. Besides, Chinese medicine promotes blood flow and provides some nutrients for kidneys so as to improve ischemia and hypoxia of renal. After a series of treatment, your kidney function can be improved, and high blood pressure will also be reduced to some extent.

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