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How to Relive Headache in PKD

Time:  2015-07-09 17:59

In simple words, PKD is that there are many cysts with different sizes in kidney, it leads to increase the volume of kidney and damage renal parenchyma tissue. PKD has many symptoms like: renal swelling, hematuresis, hypertension, headache.

Usually, patients have headache because they have hypertension and toxic substances deposited in the body because the kidney lost its function to filter them.

How to relive headache in PKD means how to treat PKD to relieve the symptoms? Firstly, patients should pay attention to prevent cold, because cold virus cause high pressure for kidney; Secondly, pay attention to the trauma, because the cysts make kidney biger and biger, it leads to increasing of intra-abdominal pressure, if the patient hurts himself, it may impacts the cysts, it will be inflamed if cysts burst. Thidly, hypertension leads to heart and cerebrovascular disease, if patients can control their blood pressure well, it will have important significance for disease prevention. Fourthly, reasonable diets is effective for patients to keep health, for example, patients should have food with less salt, less protein, less fat and rich vitamin and rich crude fibre.

If PKD is serious which step into failure stage, they have to do dialysis which instead of kidney to execute its function, we know dialysis has many side effects, for example,anemia, renal atrophy, patients will rely on it, usually, patients do it three times a week, 4 hours one time. After dialysis, patients fell dizzy, atony. Through they can prolong their life, their life quality will decline. They cann’t do everything they want, most of time, they need other people to help them. So many patients have tristimania which is disadvantageous for their illness.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine has special and professional therapy that uses Chinese traditional medicine, the doctor will modulate the medicine bags according to different patients with different pathogenesis. The medicine penetrate into kidney through skin and cells by heating medicine bags. The therapy focuses on the root of disease, if the illness can be reversed, it will hard to relapse. So it is recognized by many patients.

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