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What Exercise Is Good For A Patient With PKD

Time:  2014-02-16 03:44

What Exercise Is Good For A Patient With PKDPolycystic kidney disease(PKD) is a genetic kidney disease in which multiple cysts, fluid-filled pockets form on the kidneys and replace kidney tissue, which leads to the kidneys to swell up and sometimes fail. If you are a patient with PKD, one way to help your body is to exercise, including running.

A moderate exercise is able to promote a healthier lifestyle, help lower high blood pressure and make your heart stronger. exercise can improve sleep quality, relieve stress, increase energy level and lower high blood pressure and blood sugar.

Running and PKD

Patients with polycystic kidney disease are recommended to do exercise such as running, swimming, golfing, rowing and biking. But they should avoid doing contact sports like football and basketball, because a bow to your enlarged kidneys can lead to further kidney damage and sometimes ruptured cysts. Besides, you also need to avoid horseback riding, cross-country biking and other repetitive impact sports, as they can cause hematuria.

The precautions of exercise

Patients should remember to drink lots of water when exercise. This is because polycystic kidneys have difficulty in retaining water. In this condition, you are easy to get dehydrated after running. You should consult about any sports drinks or sodas that you can consume during or after running. Some drinks may contain caffeine which is able to increase the size of kidney cysts, and others may contain high salt content, which violates your low sodium diet. The best way for your safe is to consult your doctor before you do any sports.

Running is a good exercise for a patient with polycystic kidney disease. Of course, apart from running, qigong, and Taichi are all good for PKD patients. Some PKD patients hesitate doing exercise. It is no need to hesitate after you read this passage. Choosing correct exercise plays a significant role in your health condition. If you do not know which sport is suitable for you, you can consult our online experts to get the answer.

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