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Can Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients Drink Coca Cola

Time:  2014-01-23 03:18

Can Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients Drink Coca ColaIs cola good for Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) patients? Cola is one common drink in our daily life and loved by many people, particularly young people. However, when people unfortunately suffer from kidney disease such as PKD, can they still drink cola as usual?

What patients can drink or can not drink mainly depends on their personal conditions, so for that question, we do not say PKD patients are not allowed to drink cola absolutely, and we can just say they had better not drink cola due to the following explanation:

We know PKD is a progressive kidney disease,and in the early stage, patients usually have no obvious symptoms which is because our kidneys have strong compensatory ability . That is to say, when our kidneys are damaged mildly, we still can live normally. Also this is the reason why PKD causes no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Therefore, in the beginning of PKD, patients can drink cola moderately; otherwise, Polycystic Kidney Disease will develop to advanced stage in a quick speed and patients will have kidney dysfunction in a short time. In this condition, they should not drink cola.

Kidneys are important organs playing many functions like balancing electrolytes. Once the kidneys are injured, they fail to discharge excess electrolytes like phosphorus out of the body, easily causing high phosphorus level. High level of phosphorus will stop our body from absorbing adequate calcium, leading to low calcium level. PKD patients with low calcium level have a higher risk for bone problems such as bone pain and bone fracture.

Cola are rich in phosphorus which prevents your body from consuming enough calcium. For this, the bone problems will be worsen.

What’s more, PKD patients often have high blood pressure. If patients drink cola, the caffeine in cola will cause elevated lipid, which will aggravate arteriosclerosis. Elevated lipid patients drink too much, which speeds up the deterioration of illness conditions.

Generally speaking, Polycystic Kidney Disease patients had better not drink cola. Besides, kidney disease patients should also limit sodium intake, protein intake and potassium intake if your lab tests show high potassium level in your blood. Following a scientific and reasonable diet does a lot to control their illness conditions.

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