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What Are The Foods For Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients

Time:  2014-01-18 08:33

What Are The Foods For Polycystic Kidney Disease PatientsPolycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited disease in which numerous cysts form on the kidneys. In the early stages of the disease, the cysts cause your kidneys to swell which leads to impairment of kidney function. Polycystic kidney disease can cause total loss of kidney function. You should consult a dietitian to tell you which foods you can eat and what you can not to prevent complications.

1. Low sodium diet

We know kidneys have the function of removing excess fluid from the body. When kidney cysts destroy this function, fluid will accumulate in the body, causing high blood pressure and swelling. Sodium works as a mineral that helps maintain fluid balance by retaining fluid. In this condition, a low sodium diet is necessary when kidney cysts cause symptoms of kidney failure. If you eat high sodium foods when your kidneys are not working properly, your body retains more fluid, which will worsen your high blood pressure. Therefore, you should avoid high sodium foods such as canned foods, processed foods, and table salt and so on.

2. Protein

if your kidney failure is caused by polycystic kidney disease, you should eat less protein. Too much protein can make your kidneys work too hard. Eating less protein delays the progression of kidney function loss and prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. When your kidneys are injured by enlarged cysts, they are unable to remove protein by-products from the body, which leads to accumulations of toxic substances. The foods are rich in protein including fish, meat, eggs, chicken, milk and so on.

3. Low fat and high fiber diet

Keeping your body healthy contributes to preventing complications of polycystic kidney disease. Your doctor may recommend you eat a low fat and high fiber foods to help lower high blood pressure which is a major cause of kidney disease and can damage your kidneys. Besides, your diet should contain plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The above are common dietary tips for polycystic kidney disease, it does not suit for everyone. Different people have different illness conditions, and you should choose diet depending on your own illness conditions. If you want to know exact diet plan, you can consult our online doctor who will plan a reasonable diet for you according to your own illness conditions.

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