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Get Rid of Dialysis Successfully

Time:  2014-01-09 09:37

Get Rid of Dialysis SuccessfullyAction speaks louder than words. The outstanding efficacy of Chinese medicine has attracted more and more patients’ attention from foreign countries. The patients feel very good after they have an improvement of their illness conditions. Well, in the following we will introduce you a fact that one CKD stage 5 patient get rid of dialysis successfully.

First, let’s have a brief introduction to his illness condition.

Tima Kaeryo, a 59-year-old- man, comes from Papua New Guinea. He suffers from CKD stage 5. Before he comes to China, his serum creatinine level reaches 1142 umol/L and Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN) level is 33.5mmol/L and his urine output is less than 100milliliters. When he was diagnosed with CKD, he had been to Philippines and Singapore to accept treatment, but the result was disappointing. And he was told that dialysis or kidney transplant was the only way to maintain his life. His all hope was lost.

What makes him come to China and receives Chinese medicine treatment?

Tima was disappointed about his kidney disease. But his children never gave up. By chance, they heard about our hospital through Saipo, whose father’s physical condition improved a lot after receiving treatment in our hospital for a period of time. After a detailed consult, they decided to have a try. However, they have a doubt in their mind before Tima receives treatment that whether Chinese medicine has outstanding effect on kidney disease or not. This is because it is widely acknowledged that western medical technology is more advanced than eastern.

Successful effects on  kidney disease

Here he received some Chinese medicine treatment such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Dialysis, Medicated bath and so on. These treatments play a magical role in improving his physical condition. Two months later, his creatinine has decreased to 405 umol/L and his urine output increases to 850 milliliter. In this case, he has no need to take dialysis any more. Now he lives a normal life. And the doubt in his mind completely disappears.

Tima Kaeryo is just one of the most ordinary patients of CKD stage 5. He can get rid of dialysis successfully as he is brave enough to take steps to receive new treatment and is brave enough to believe he can get off dialysis. Kidney failure is deadly and has become one of the leading causes of death of us. Hence, we need to fight against it together. And Tima hope more and more kidney disease patients can benefit a lot from Chinese medicine treatment and get rid of dialysis successfully like him.

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