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Chinese Medicines Help Increase Urine Output And Lower High Creatinine Effectively

Time:  2014-02-17 04:38

Chinese Medicines Help Increase Urine Output And Lower High Creatinine EffectivelyChinese herbal medicines have effective treatment in healing kidney disease and has won the supports of people from many countries. Our supporters expect that we should let more kidney disease patients know Chinese medicines so as to bring good news for chronic kidney disease patients.

Terrisa was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease three years ago and her creatinine level is 1.9umol/l and blood pressure was 150-160. She went to Kuwait to accept treatment and the local doctors mainly applied western medicines to control the symptoms and reduce high blood pressure. We know western medicines have quick effect on controlling symptoms but fails to cure the disease from the root. And once you reduce the dosage of drugs, the disease will relapse easily. With the progression of chronic kidney disease, her creatinine level increases to 1200umol/l and her has no urination. She has been taken dialysis three times a week. But the side effects of dialysis make her not stand it any more. Is there a such treatment to reduce her high creatinine level and increase her urine volume?

She carries the doubts coming to our hospital. In our hospital, our doctors firstly do a thorough test for her and select some specific Chinese medicines to cure her kidney disease according to her health conditions. She was mainly treated by hot compress therapy, enema and foot bath as well as medicated bath. And based on her health conditions, our doctors adjust drug dosage timely. Through this systemic treatment, her urine volume increases to 50-60ml 3 days later and increases to 550-600ml after 10 days and her symptoms has been alleviated to some extent. After 15 days’ treatment, her urine output is 700-800ml, and shortness of breath and chest distress disappear and her blood pressure is 80-100.

In a word, Chinese medicines increase her urine output and alleviate her symptoms effectively. This is because Chinese medicines aims to repair renal damage and improve kidney function. Only when kidney function is improved, her creatinine level will be reduced effectively. Besides, Chinese herbal medicines can also dilate blood vessels, prevent inflammation, degrade extracellular matrix and prevent coagulation. These function of Chinese herbal medicines are able to decrease the risk for inflammation and high blood pressure which are the leading causes of chronic kidney disease.

If you happen to be a patient with chronic kidney disease, this article may make you see hope again, and your kidney function can be reversed by Chinese medicine treatment. You can leave us a message to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com to get the detailed information.

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