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How to Prevent Infections for Dialysis Patients

Time:  2014-07-08 06:07

Nowadays, dialysis patients are at a high risk of infections, dialysis has bring great pain to patients, if dialysis infections occurs, which will cause patients lose the hope of life. So, how to prevent infections for dialysis patients?

Keep the dialysis equipments clean

During the process of hemodialysis, patients require use catheters frequently, so keeping the catheters sterile is very important. Besides, the repeating insertion of needles may also cause infections, thereby, keeping the needles clean is also necessary.

In addition, the hemodialysis machine can also be a dangerous approach to cause infections. It includes the frequently touched surfaces and the use of waste containers.

Prevent HCV (hepatitis C virus)

During dialysis, patients will infect HCV easily, it is due to most patients don’t know the transmission routes. If they learn the disease process, treatment and prognosis, they can avoid HCV effectively. Once they are infected the disease, they should communicate with doctors and don’t be scared and never lose the confidence of defeating the disease.

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Dialysis patients should strengthen nutrition

Generally speaking, dialysis patients have weakened immune systems, which will increase the risk of infections. So, patients should keep an reasonable diet, supply vitamin and enough heat, improve immunity to avoid respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and influenza.

Prevent the infections from doctors and nurses

During the course of dialysis, medical staffs should wear a mask, wash hands strictly, change shoes, once gloves are worn, medical staffs should change it instantly.

Proper care for the fistula is important in dialysis. Pressure from clothing or sleeping on the side on the fistula can cause the site to become irritated.

If you want to learn more about the preventions of infections for dialysis patients, you can also leave a message below, we are always here to help you. Good luck!

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