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Creatinine 5.5: How to Avoid Dialysis

Time:  2014-04-03 06:45

Creatinine 5.5: How to Avoid DialysisCreatinine is a product of muscle activity, in normal case, the creatinine level is less than 1.5 mg/dl in blood. Well, how to avoid dialysis with creatinine 5.5?

First, we should know what does elevated creatinine level mean?

Generally, creatinine is discharged out of the body by kidneys, so, creatinine level can be an indicator to measure kidney function, and glomeruli plays an important role in regulating the balance of creatinine.

Once glomeruli is damaged, GFR(glomeruli filtrate rate) will decline. As a result, massive creatinine will accumulate within kidneys, so, high creatinine level occurs. With the time, the renal damage will aggravate, eventually, patients may have to face dialysis to maintain the life.

Well, how to avoid dialysis with creatinine 5.5?

Polluted Blood Therapy

Differ from others treatments, the core purpose of the method is to treat the polluted blood. So, why polluted blood is associated with creatinine? We all know the main function of blood is to be responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition for all organs as well as kidneys. In the meanwhile, kidneys can filtrate extra fluid, toxins and wastes from the blood. As long as kidneys are damaged, the toxins and wastes in blood can not be filtered correctly, in this case, blood will be polluted. On the contrary, if blood circulation is damaged, renal damage will appear due to ischemia and hypoxia. So, once blood becomes clean, kidney damage will stop, creatinine 5.5 can be lowered directly.

By Blood purification stereoscopic therapies, supplying essential elements for the blood and rebuilding hematopoietic system, renal function can be improved from the root. Thereby, high creatinine level can be lowered. In this way, it is hopeful to get rid of dialysis and win a high-quality life.

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