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How Long do Patients Live on Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Dialysis

Time:  2015-07-03 11:51

Stage 5 kidney failure is the last stage of kidney disease, lots of complications will appear in this stage, because renal function almost lose, the kidney cann’t deal with metabolite, wastes and toxic substances that are deposited in human body. These toxic substances erode the rest of kidney, the patients have to do dialysis to save their life. How long the patients can live with dialysis in kidney failure? It has no exact answer because different patients have different habitus. What effect the dialysis can give for patients?

Why dialysis can prolong patients life?

Dialysis can relieve the symptoms of kidney failure, it is also called ”artificial kidney” which leads blood to dialysis machine that cleans blood repeatedly by 4-5 hours to gets rid of the toxic substances out of human body. In fact, the dialysis machine executes renal function instead of kidney and fight for time for kidney transplantation. In this way, dialysis can prolong patients’ life and give them hope to live. If patients do dialysis sufficiently which can reduce the complications and they have good physique, they can live more than twenty years.

What are the side effects of dialysis?

Dialysis focuses on symptoms the patients have, it cann’t cure the root of disease. Many patients have symptoms of dizzy, hypotension, vomit, tic, hypodynamia. They cann’t do everything they want, most of time, they need help from others. So it always makes patients feel depressed because their life quality declined. It is also a huge economic burden for most ordinary family. So most of patients want to get rid of dialysis which always make them miserable.

What should patients pay attention in their daily life?

Although some patients get rid of dialysis successfully, they should not ignore details in their daily life. For example, salt and fat intake should be reduced, cigarette and alcohol should be avoided, they need high quality protein. Of course, they also need keep optimistic attitude.

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