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Blood Pressure Goes Low During Dialysis

Time:  2015-07-03 10:33

During dialysis, many patients have the symptom of low blood pressure with dizzy, sweating, chest stuffy, vomit. Sometimes, they have to stop dialysis because they cann’t stand these miserable.

What cause low blood pressure during dialysis? Usually, elders with light weight have low blood pressure, because dehydration speed is fast. The time of dialysis is fixed, the speed of dehydration depend on amount of dehydration, according to the weight rising during dialysis the doctor make decision about amount of dehydration. If the patients have the symptoms of edema, hypertension and anuria, the dehydration should exceed the weight rising to reach dry weight. It’s better to decrease the weight rising for patients during dialysis.

The factors of influencing dialysis are malnutrition, vegetative nerve functional disturbance, poor heart function.

Low blood pressure will cause some problems, firstly, it will influence the quality of dialysis, doctors will stop dialysis which leads to the toxic substances cann’t be cleaned up in human body if patients’ blood pressure is too low. Secondly, low blood pressure may reduce blood supply for other organs, it will cause cold limbs, dizzy, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmia. Thirdly, repeated low blood pressure can kill residual renal function, patients have to limit their water and food intake, so the life quality will be lower.

How to prevent blood pressure from declining during dialysis? Most importantly, patients should control their weight growth, the food they intake should be low sodium or no sodium to reduce thirsty feeling. It’s better to intake solid food with high quality protein. Getting rid of waste out of human body is also important, it includes urination, bowel movement, perspiration. Secondly, patients should avoid taking food during dialysis or blood will redistribute causes low blood pressure. Thirdly, raising legs during dialysis to increase blood amounts that go back to heart. Fourthly, doctors can adjust density of sodium and calcium in dialysate, but this method is a little passive.

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