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Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is caused by the damage in patient’s glomerular filtration membrane, which causes the increase in the permeability of patient’s glomerular filtration membrane

  1. How to Improve GFR 15 on Nephrotic Syndrome without Dialysis

    GFR level is important measurement to check how well your kidney functions do. The normal range of GFR level ranges from 90~120 ml/min/1.73 m2. Many patients are eager to find effective treatment to improve GFR 15 on Nephrotic Syndrome with...

    Release time: 2014-09-14 17:12:39
  2. Treatment Options for Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome with Proteinuria

    Is your lovely baby suffering from childhood Nephrotic Syndrome with proteinuria? You must worry about your babys condition very much if the answer is yes. If you want to know more information about treatment options, please read on or talk...

    Release time: 2014-07-10 01:01:45
  3. Can I Treat High Creatinine Level with Nephrotic Syndrome

    Can I treat high creatinine level with Nephrotic Syndrome? If you have been diagnosed with high creatinine with Nephrotic Syndrome, you must be eager to seek for the effective treatments to keep you healthy. Creatinine level can not increas...

    Release time: 2014-07-07 06:03:44
  4. Foot Bath for Nephrotic Syndrome with Edema

    In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, foot bath is a characterized therapy. Next, we will introduce foot bath for Nephrotic Syndrome with edema. In nephrotic syndrome, edema is a obvious and serious sign. Usually, it occurs in patients f...

    Release time: 2014-06-30 03:03:49
  5. How to Improve GFR Naturally in Nephrotic Syndrome

    In Nephrotic Syndrome, one of the most obvious changes is declined GFR. So, how to improve GFR naturally in nephrotic syndrome? Glomeruli is an important organ in our body, it can filter the substances in blood, reserve useful matters and d...

    Release time: 2014-06-28 06:03:38
  6. Is Chinese Therapy Helpful to Relieve Vomiting with Nephrotic Syndrome

    Nowadays, more and more foreign patients are coming to China for Chinese therapy. Then, is Chinese therapy helpful to relieve vomiting with nephrotic syndrome? In nephrotic syndrome, the occurring of vomiting is related to massive toxin acc...

    Release time: 2014-06-15 07:53:57


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