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How to Improve GFR 15 on Nephrotic Syndrome without Dialysis

Time:  2014-09-14 17:12

GFR level is important measurement to check how well your kidney functions do. The normal range of GFR level ranges from 90~120 ml/min/1.73 m2. Many patients are eager to find effective treatment to improve GFR 15 on Nephrotic Syndrome without dialysis.

GFR 15 means that your kidney function have been severely damaged and lots of toxins and wastes products build up in your body. Dialysis is necessary when the toxins and wastes products reach to a certain level. Dialysis makes it significant to prolong the life expectancy. Dialysis can eliminate the products quickly, but at the same time, dialysis also causes patients low immunity. The longer time you have dialysis, the less urine you have. Dialysis also gives rise to many complications such as hypophosphatemia, alkalosis. Dialysis also can damage your strength. reduce red blood cells, thus causing your anemia more serious. Even though dialysis has effects on removing the waste products and toxins, it just can eliminate small molecules, the middle and big size of molecules will left behind in the body making further damage to your kidneys and other organs.

Blood Purification is the the most advanced techniques in our hospital. Blood Purification is a series of treatments to remove out the toxins in the blood more thoroughly. Immune adsorption, Plasma exchange, Hemofiltration can help eliminate the big size and middle size of toxins in the blood, Hemodiafiltration is combination of dialysis and it takes great effects on clearing your blood more efficient and quickly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also can help you clear your blood. Traditional Chinese Medicine including four kinds of medicine and seven kinds of Traditional Chinese Treatment. Seven kinds of Chinese Medicine as a supplementary role to assist the four kinds of Chinese Medicine, Four Chinese Medicine refers to a bottle of Maikang Composition, an oral of Chinese Medicine, a does of external application with Chinese medicine and a basin of foot bath medicine. The four procedures can help improve the blood circulation and improve your damaged kidney function, after these procedures, you will feel better than before. Even if the four Traditional Chinese Medicine is not an ideal treatment for you, there also has Steaming Therapy, Medicated Therapy, Circle Therapy, Fragrance Moxibustion, Hot Compress Therapy, Enema Therapy. These also can help you reduce the suffering.

After done these therapies, the large amount of protein and swelling in your body will disappear gradually. And your GFR level can back to normal and help you avoid dialysis.

If you are suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome and interested in our systematic treatment, you can consult our online doctor directly or send email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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