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How Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Treated by Chinese medicine

Time:  2014-01-10 10:36

How Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Treated by Chinese medicineNephrotic syndrome is a condition that can cause patient to have many obvious symptoms, which can also aggravate patient’s condition severely. And how can nephrotic syndrome be treated?

In fact, nephrotic syndrome is a condition that patient has the increase in his glomerular filtration membrane, which can lead to massive proteinuria, and patient’s GFR has obvious decrease at the same time.

In treating nephrotic syndrome, choosing chinese medicine to treat this syndrome is a good choice, and How is nephrotic syndrome be treated by Chinese medicine?

1.Improving kidney function:

This is an important aspect in treating nephrotic syndrome. Some Chinese medicines are able to help improve patient’s kidney function, like cordyceps sinensis, velvet antler, dodder, etc. These medicines can promote patient’s blood circulation, and they can also promote the producing of essence and blood. Besides, many Chinese medicines are also able to resist inflammation and improve patient’s immunity, like ginseng, cartialgenous, etc. And all of these medicines are often used in treating kidney disease.

2. Proteinuria:

Treating proteinuria is an important aspect in treating nephrotic syndrome, because proteinuria take many bad effects to patient, like edema and aggravating patient’s kidney damage severely.

In western medicine, treating proteinuria will use some hormone medicines, like glucocorticoid and cytotoxic drug. Hormone medicines are effective, but patient’s condition can relapse easily, and they may also cause many bad effects, like cone diseases, insomnia, etc.

While some Chinese medicines can also reach this effect, but they do not have the side effects that are caused by hormone medicines. And some medicines like leech, periostracum cicadae, lumbricus, thunder god vine, etc, are effective in this aspect.

Besides, some medicines, like longhairy antenoron herb, grifola, poria cocos, etc, have obvious diuretic effect, and they are effective in treating edema that is caused by proteinuria.

While these are just about the two important aspects in treating nephrotic syndrome. If you have any other trouble in dealing with nephrotic syndrome, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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