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Is Radish Good For Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Time:  2014-02-11 02:12

Is Radish Good For Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsNephrotic Syndrome(NS) is characterized by an increase in permeability of the capillary walls of the glomerulus leading to high levels of protein passing from the blood into urine, called proteinuria(at least 3.5grams per day). What’s more, nephrotic syndrome is also marked by hypoalbuminemia and edema. It is a nonspecific kidney disorder. We know diet management is an important part in the treatment of NS. Well, is radish good for nephrotic syndrome patients? Now let’s look at its health benefits.

1. Natural diuretic function of radish

The function of diuretic function can help discharge wastes and toxins that accumulate in the kidneys and decrease the accumulation of toxins in the blood. In this way, itchy skin, poor appetite and other symptoms of nephrotic syndrome can be eased to some extent.

2. Control blood sugar

We know diabetes is one big risk for kidney-related problems, so if diabetes is the primary cause for your kidney disease, it is urgent for you to control blood sugar level in this case, radish is a good choice for you to control blood sugar. This is because radish does not only have a low glycemic index, but also can regulate the absorption of sugar into the blood stream.

3. Lower high blood pressure

Radish is rich in potassium which helps relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow. However, too much intake of potassium can put a strain on your kidneys and cause heart failure. And if nephrotic syndrome patients have high potassium level in their blood, they cannot eat too much radish.

4. Boost immune system

Radish is rich-vitamin C foods which can restore your immune system and prevent every illness from attacking your body.

Besides, radish can also improve blood circulation and regulate metabolism, treat fever, respiratory disorder, nausea and headache, etc.

Generally speaking, radish is good for nephrotic syndrome. However, you also need to consult your dietitian to tell you how much you can eat.

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