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Can I Eat Seafood As A Nephrotic Syndrome Patient

Time:  2014-02-06 07:20

Can I Eat Seafood As A Nephrotic Syndrome PatientSeafood is not only delicious in taste, but also rich in nutrition, so it is favored by many people. However, can Nephrotic Syndrome(NS) patient eat seafood?

Generally speaking, whether a patient can eat seafood varies from individual to individual. Patients with nephrotic syndrome should avoid eat seafood. This is because seafood is usually high cholesterol food.

In addition, patients inflammatory kidney disease like purpura nephritis and lupus nephritis are also not allowed to eat seafood which is because seafood is a common allergen which can trigger the disease flare. The seafoods is able to aggravate inflammatory response in kidneys and more likely to worsen kidney function. In this condition, if patients are with inflammatory kidney disease, they should not eat seafoods.

However, it does not mean all kidney disease patients can not eat seafoods. In some cases of kidney disease, patients are not prohibited to eat seafoods, but they should eat them moderately. Seafoods are often rich in high quality proteins, which is a good protein option for patients with kidney disease.

Apart from seafoods, nephrotic syndrome patients should have a comprehensive diet plan which can not only slow the disease progression but also improve the overall health condition. The patients should follow the below dietary principles.

1. Ditch salty foods

It is a known fact that salt attracts fluid, which means excess salt causes your body to retain more water. In this case, the damaged kidneys find it difficult to regulate and filter excess fluid, so make sure sodium content in your diet is minimum, otherwise it will induce fluid/sodium retention and worsen existing kidney problems. Thus, salty foods like canned foods, pickles, salted nuts, potato chips, pork rinds, popcorns and bacon, etc should be eliminated from your meal.

2. Limit high phosphorus and calcium foods

The major function of kidneys is to maintain balance of electrolytes and minerals. However, if you are diagnosed with kidney disorder like nephrotic syndrome, the balance of electrolytes and minerals is disrupted, easily leading to high phosphorus and high potassium level. Hence, they are recommended to limit intake of foods rich in phosphorus, calcium and even potassium.

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