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Diet for Nephrotic Nyndrome

Time:  2015-06-30 18:02

The patients of nephrotic syndrome always have symptoms of gastrointestinal mucosa edema, ascites and hyperlipidaemia. They influence digestive and absorption. The patients should prefer light and semi-liquid diets.

Ordinary patients of nephrotic syndrome:

1 Salt. If the patients have symptom of edema, they should control salt intake to avoid aggravating edema. Usually, the amount of salt intake should less than 2g everyday. The pickled food should be forbidden for patients. When the plasma proteins approach to normal data, they can recover normal diet.

2 Protein. Lots of plasma proteins run out of human body with urine, the protein will be declined which lead to malnutrition and lower resistance. In early kidney disease stage, the patients should intake more high quality protein while if patients of chronic kidney disease have much protein which increase renal blood flow, GFR, urine protein and give high pressure to glomerular capillary, it may accelerate the glomerular sclerosis, so it better for them to take appropriate protein.

3 Fat. The patients always have hyperlipidaemia which produces arteriosclerosis and glomerular lesion, so patients should avoid animal giblets, fat meat, some seafood which includes cholesterin.

4 Microelement. Due to increasing of glomerular basement membrane permeability, patients not only lose protein but also lose microelement. Patients should supply some vegetables, fruits, cereal with rich microelement.

The patients of nephrotic syndrome with no edema:

1 High quality protein. According to 1.0~1.2g/d, the patients need one albumen/ 50g lean meat/half cup of milk

2 Staple food. Patients can intake normal amount of steamed buns and rice.

3 About vegetables. Tofu, cabbage, onion, garlic, marrow, balsam pear, spinach, potherb mustard, bean sprouts, lettuce, rapeseed, Chinese yam, lotus root and so on

4 Avoid certain foods. Spicy, greasy, aquatic products.

The patients of nephrotic syndrome with edema and heave proteinuria:

1 Staple food. Patients can intake normal amount of steamed buns and rice.

2 Patients with hyperkalemia. They should take vegetables with less kalium, such as cabbage, onion, garlic, lettuce, rapeseed.

3 Avoid certain foods. Spicy, greasy, aquatic products.

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