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How to Treat Edema for Patients of Nephritis?

Time:  2015-07-03 10:19

Renal function is mainly eliminating metabolites, adjusting the water electrolyte and secreting various active materials to keep environment stability of organism and guarantee normal physiological function of organism. If the kidneys of human body have inflammation, it will occur lots of symptoms, such as hematuresis, hypertension, feeble, edema with hydrothorax, ascites .

Why does edema occur in patients with kidney disease?

1 Plasma colloid osmotic pressure is declined, lots of urine protein causes hypoproteinemia, decreasing of plasma colloid osmotic pressure and increasing of fluid filtration in blood capillaries, finally, it forms edema.

2 GFR is declined while the permeability blood capillaries in human body is increased, the water will be deposited in tissues’ space

What should patients pay attention in their daily life?

Mild patients with nephritis should pay attention to rest and avoid strenuous exercises, the patients with edema of eyelid and face should use high pillow; the patients with edema of both lower extremities should raise both lower extremities 30°~45°, it’s beneficial to blood circulation.

Severe patients with nephritis must stay in bed and they need change position frequently.

Is there a therapy can relieve the symptom of edema?

In essence, the patients of nephritis is the renal function is damaged which can’t filter the toxic substances and surplus water. The effective method should recover renal function.

Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine researched a therapy that uses Chinese herbal medicines that focus on the root of disease. Doctors combine various of Chinese herbal medicines according to different patients whose illness is different. The medicine molecules can be penetrated into cells of kidney efficiently by heating the medicine bags which are put under the kidneys of patients. Our hospital not only focus on the medical skills but also emphasis on services we improve. Many foreign patients from other countries appreciate this therapy and our services, they also introduce their wardmate to our hospital.

If you have some problems in kidney and you are interested in our therapy, you can contact us by email: chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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