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Early Diagnosis Of Chronic Glomerulonephritis

Time:  2014-02-13 08:31

Early Diagnosis Of Chronic GlomerulonephritisExact tests help you to know your health condition clearly. How will your doctor diagnose you with this condition? Learn about the tests, exams, processes and other information relating to the diagnosis of glomerulonephritis below.

1. What is chronic glomerulonephritis?

Chronic Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disorder in which it is caused by slow and cumulative damage and scarring of the tiny blood filters in the kidneys. These filters, called glomeruli, work to remove waste and toxins out of the body. In chronic glomerulonephritis, the scarring of glomeruli impedes the progression of filter damages, causing waste product build up in the blood. Damaged filters will allow red blood cells or proteins to leak into urine. In this case, characteristic signs of high blood pressure and swelling in the legs and ankles may appear. High blood pressure may be first sign to draw one’s attention. In others, edema or foamy urine may be the first signs. If you are having one of the symptom and susceptible to suffer from chronic glomerulonephritis, the following diagnosis may help you make sure whether you have it or not.

2. How to diagnose chronic glomerulonephritis?

Common tests include:

Urinalysis: it is a test to look for blood, protein, bacteria and other evidence of kidney damage in the urine

Blood tests which ate used to check how well the kidneys are functioning and to look for medical conditions which may lead to glomerulonephritis.

Ultrasound which uses sound waves to create images of the kidneys.

Kidney biopsy-it is an exact test for diagnosing kidney disease and it uses a needle to remove a sample of kidney tissue to test for chronic glomerulonephritis.

What’s more, there are special tests like 24-hour urine test, glomerular filtration rate, urine protein electrophoresis and lymphocyte subsets for diagnosing chronic glomerulonephritis. Through a systemic test, it may help you know clearly about your own health condition.

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