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Symptoms of Chronic Nephritis

Time:  2014-04-18 06:59

 Symptoms of Chronic NephritisChronic nephritis, as its name implies, it is a progressive kidney disorder in clinic. In this article, we will introduce the symptoms of the disease.

First, we need to form a basic understanding about chronic nephritis.

Generally, it is a set of primary glomerular diseases that made of various pathologies and causes. Clinical characteristics is characterized by long duration and develops slowly, symptoms can be slight or severe. Usually, in the early stage of the disease, there is no obvious symptom, so, nearly most patients do not know they have the disease until they experience the following signs:

Blood in urine

Hematuria refers to there are red blood cells in urine. Usually, the urine may be pink. The occurrence of blood in urine is caused by the decline of GFR(glomeruli filtrate reate), resulting in massive red blood cells leak into urine. Anything unclear? Contact with online doctors now.


Edema usually occurs in face, eyes, legs, ankles, and the sign will be more obvious in the morning. Generally speaking, swelling is caused by water-sodium retention and loss of protein. In chronic nephritis, due to the decline of renal function, massive water and sodium element can not be discharged out of the body properly. In addition, since the GFR decreases, lots of protein will flow into urine, thereby, patients will experience swelling.


It is also a common symptom of chronic nephritis. However, we do not find the sign until we take physical examination, such as, urine test. So, experts suggest patients should take regular physical examinations so as to check up your physical condition.

High blood pressure

Nearly most patients will experience the sign. As we all know, kidneys have the function of regulating blood pressure by secreting a hormone called renin. Once kidney is damaged, renin will increase, so, high blood pressure occurs.

However, not all the signs mentioned above means you have chronic nephritis, if you want to get a clear diagnosis, send your test report to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, after careful analysis, we will give you the answer.

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