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What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Nephritis

Time:  2013-12-25 16:44

What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic NephritisChronic Nephritis is a kidney disease marked by inflammation of the glomeruli. When the glomeruli is inflamed, it loses the ability of excreting wastes and fluid out of the body properly. Then various symptoms will occur. Let’s learn more about the symptoms of Chronic Nephritis.

1. Proteinuria

Protein presents in the urine. This is triggered by the enlarged glomerular permeability. Normally protein can not be filtered out. However, in this case, the enlarged glomerular permeability can filter out protein into urine. Therefore, chronic nephritis patients usually have the symptom of proteinuria.

2. Hematuria

The urine seen with naked eyes is normal while red blood cells can be seen with microscope. Thus, hematuria in chronic nephritis is called microscopic hematuria.

3. Frequent urine at night

This is the most common symptom in chronic nephritis patients.

4. High blood pressure

High blood pressure will continually advance. As we all know, high blood pressure and diabetes are the two main causes of chronic kidney disease. If they are not under control for a long time, they will aggravate your illness conditions and speed up the progression of chronic nephritis into end stage renal failure.

5. Edema

Most patients have different degree of edema. In early stage edema presents in face and eyelids while in severe case edema spreads out your whole body. When pulmonary edema occurs, patients with chronic nephritis have difficult in breathing and even threaten their life.

6. Kidney dysfunction or anemia

Kidney dysfunction or anemia will be seen in later stage of most diseases.

The above are some common symptoms of chronic nephritis. If you are at a risk for chronic nephritis or are experiencing some symptoms of the disease, talk to our online doctor who can give you some recommendation of treating the disease. Taking effective treatment to cure these symptoms is helpful for slowing down the progression of chronic nephritis,




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