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How To Improve The Prognosis Of Chronic Nephritis

Time:  2014-01-11 03:53

How To Improve The Prognosis Of Chronic NephritisChronic Nephritis is a kidney disorder in which the glomeruli is inflamed and scarred. It is a progressive kidney disease. If uncontrolled effectively, it will advance into kidney failure. In this condition, patients need to rely on dialysis or kidney transplant to maintain life. For this, chronic nephritis patients may have the same question as what the prognosis is and how to improve the prognosis of chronic nephritis.

The prognosis of chronic nephritis can be affected by many factors, so different factor may have different prognosis. That factors include:

1. Different pathological chronic nephritis may have different prognosis.

In general, patients with pure mesangial proliferation glomerulonephritis may have a good prognosis while patients with severe hyperplasia of mesangial glomerulonephritis or Membranoproliferative GN may have a poor prognosis.

2. The symptoms may also have effect on prognosis of chronic nephritis.

If blood in urine and proteinuria are not under control for a prolonged period of time, these symptoms will aggravate the condition and the kidney function will reduce quickly. Thus, the prognosis is poor.

Patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure may have a bad prognosis.

Patients who have tubuloninterstitial lesions is more likely to have a bad prognosis.

3. Daily lifestyle and diet can also affect the prognosis.

People with unhealthy lifestyle may have a poor prognosis.

people who do not follow the advice of the doctors and do not have a strict diet may have a bad prognosis.

The above all affect the prognosis of chronic nephritis, so patients with chronic nephritis should do something to improve the prognosis from the following aspects:

1. Change lifestyle and have a healthy diet

Patients with kidney disease usually have a very strict diet to alleviate their condition, so they should choose some foods which are beneficial to their health and eat less or not eat foods that could aggravate the kidney disease. Thus, they should limit the protein and salt intake, and they should restrict the fluid. Also they should choose suitable diet according to their own illness conditions.

2. Control the symptoms tightly

Uncontrolled timely and effectively, the symptoms can lead to further damage of kidney function and speed up the progression of chronic nephritis into kidney failure. Hence they should control the symptoms using medicines and diet treatments.

3. Treatment the disease effectively

Patients should take effectively treatment to cure the disease radically, which contributes to have a good prognosis and prolong the life expectancy. They may be recommended to adopt immunotherapy which can suppress the inflammation in kidneys and stop further renal function reduce. what’s more, it contributes to the body to rebuild immune system. Once the immune system is improved to normal, it can prevent harmful substances from attacking your body. In this way, the inflammation in kidneys will be controlled radically.

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