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Is Watermelon Good for Kidney Disease

Time:  2016-01-29 17:02

Is Watermelon Good for Kidney DiseaseThe patients who have kidney disease must pay attention to their diets in daily life. For normal people, we should have more vegetables, fruits, roughage and so on, but it may not have effective for these patients.

If patients can control their diets well, the kidney treatment can finish a half successfully. What principles should patients obey? Firstly, fried and hard food should be abstained while the soft food is better for them, because the patients always have gastrointestinal problems. Secondly, patients should be cautious in meat intake, especially beef, mutton, dog meet which is low in protein. Thirdly, the meal patients have should be bland instead of spicy food which may lead to errhysis of the stomach lining blood vessels. Fourthly, patients should supplement adequate vitamins, for example, vitamin A,B,C which are necessary for human body. Fifthly, the food with less phosphorus is better for patients, because the patients always have high serium inorganic phosphorus.

The quantity of all kinds of nourishing food is important. For example, the watermelon. Watermelon has rich nutrition, it has functions of clearing summer-heat, quenching thirst, inducing urination. When people eat watermelon, its nutrition will arrive at the different organs with blood flow, at the same time, the metabolic waste can be eliminated out of human body. For the patients, if the toxic substances can be carried out of human body, their illness can be improved, so the watermelon is a good choice for patients, the waste food in human body can be eliminated out of patients’ body.

In the other hand, the patients should obey the doctor’s suggestion, and the patients should not have more, because watermelon contains 5% sugar which is mainly glucose, sucrose and partly fructose. It means blood glucose will be increased if patients have more watermelon, they cann’t secrete insulin which can make blood and blood glucose balance, if patients who have serious illness maybe have life risk because acidosis with metabolic disorders.

So patients must obey the doctors’ suggestion and pay attention to scientific diet.

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