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What Are Some Symptoms of Minimal Change Disease

Time:  2014-01-09 16:05

What Are Some Symptoms of Minimal Change DiseaseMinimal Change Disease is the common cause of Nephrotic Syndrom, so it has the common symptoms that Nephrotic Syndrome has. Here list some symptoms of Minimal Change Disease.


Kidney has the function of balancing fluid and electrolytes. The impaired kidney function may result in sodium and fluid retention. Edema may also result from the loss of protein. Protein leaks out from the blood, leading to the the decline of plasma osmotic pressure and fluid penetrate into the tissue space. Edema is fluid retention in parts of the body, most noticeable around the eyes, hands and feet, and later it may occur in the whole body.


Kidney has the function of filtering the wastes in the body, while retaining the useful substances. If the kidney is damaged, the useful substances, such as protein will leak. Proteinuria is a large amount of protein spilling into the urine.


When protein is lost in the urine, the concentration of protein in the blood declines, causing hypoalbuminemia.


Minimal change disease will make your lipid metabolism imbalance, resuting in the amount of plasema cholestrol and triacylglycerol increasing dramticly in the blood.

High blood pressure

Kidney has the function of excreting some hormones to regulate blood pressure, so blood pressure is likely to increase if the kidney function impairs.

There may be other symptoms, such as blood in the urine, urination changed, gain weight, sleep problems, loss of appetite, fatigue and so on.

Of course, different patients may have different symptoms. Space limited, we do not list all of them here. Under normal circumstances, these symptoms can be brought under control by drugs. Therefore, it is no need for you to worry. For more information about the symptoms and treatments, please contact our online doctors.

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