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Immunotherapy And Lupus Nephritis

Time:  2014-01-28 08:34

Immunotherapy And Lupus NephritisA: I have Lupus Nephritis, stage 3 kidney disease, and I want to know more about immunotherapy on Lupus Nephritis.

Q: lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune system kidney disease in which various organs of our body like skin, kidney and nerves can be affected. Therefore, the aim of lupus nephritis treatment should improve immunity and regulate immune system. Conventional treatment may use western medicines to control symptoms and have quick efficacy, while immunotherapy may be an alternative treatment for lupus nephritis patients to improve their immune system and have outstanding treatment.

Immunotherapy is created on the basis of immune system. Autoimmune system disease uses parts of immune system to fight against autoimmune diseases. Immunotherapy is able to stimulate one’s immunity to stop further kidney damage. Lupus nephritis is triggered by lupus which is a kind of autoimmune disease and leads to the combination of antigens and antibodies, forming immune complexes. With the deposition of immune complexes in kidneys, kidney inflammation develops and kidney impairment occurs.

Immunotherapy includes six steps, including immune diagnosis, immune inhibition, immune clearance, immune tolerance, immune adjustment and immune protection. With these steps, immunotherapy can not only improve immunity, regulate immune system but also enhance your self-curative ability which can make those injured but not necrotic cells alive again. And each step has its own treatment goal. The following will explain to you in detail.

1. Immune diagnosis

It is used to find the amount and types of immune complexes. The immune diagnosis lays the foundation for the following steps, so diagnosis becomes more important.

2. Immune clearance

It aims to excrete immune complexes out of your body.

3. Immune inhibition

In this step, some immunosuppressive medicines are used to stop further kidney damage.

4. Immune tolerance

Immune complexes can not be discharged at one time. In this case, you need to take immunosuppressive medicines to give immune complexes some time for disappearing.

5. Immune adjustment

Lupus nephritis is an immune system disorder, so the treatment should be started from improving immunity. Only in this way can immune complexes be prevented from being inflammatory response.

6. Immune protection

Immune protection is used to protect your immune system so as to prevent the attack of immune diseases.

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