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Top Telling Symptoms of Lupus Nephritis

Time:  2014-01-10 10:42

Top Telling Symptoms of Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis is one of the life-threatening complications of Lupus that may damage any part of our body. In early stage, this illness can be treated well with comprehensive treatment, however, when it progresses to advanced stage, it becomes irreversible. For this reason, a timely diagnosis and treatment is of great clinical significance. Today we will introduce several symptoms that always indicate kidney problem for Lupus patients. When they find they have all or some of these signs, it is necessary for them to go to hospital to have tests for kidney, so that they can take measures as quickly as possible.

Bubbly urine or foamy urine

Bubbly urine or foamy urine is one of the visible symptoms of Lupus Nephritis. Glomerular filtration membrane performs filtration function through charge barrier and mechanism barrier. When this membrane is damaged, large amounts of protein will leak into urine and cause proteinuria which is manifested as foamy urine or bubbly urine. Therefore, when Lupus patients notice there are lots of small foams which exist for a long in their urine, they should be alert about their kidney and bad better go to hospital to do some related tests.

Blood urine

In medicine, blood urine is also called hematuria which refers to the condition that excess red blood cells leak into urine. For Lupus patients, immune response in their kidney may cause damages on glomerular endothelial and lead to the leakage of red blood cells. Hematuria or blood urine is formed when red blood cell account in urine is higher than the reference value.

Swelling or edema

Swelling or edema is another telling symptom that can help to notice kidney problem. For Lupus Nephritis patients, many factors can contribute to the swelling and they are high blood pressure, decreased urine output and hypoproteinemia. Different measures are needed for Lupus Nephritis patients to alleviate swelling.

More and more symptoms begin to appear when Lupus Nephritis develops to a relatively serious stage. Aside from the above several telling symptoms, Lupus Nephritis patients may also experience poor appetite, tiredness, nausea and high blood pressure and so on. All these discomforts are resulted from decrease of kidney function, so getting kidney damages repaired is the key to remove them.

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