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How Is Lupus Nephritis Caused

Time:  2014-01-10 10:41

How Is Lupus Nephritis CausedHow is Lupus Nephritis caused? Appearance of Lupus Nephritis is closely linked with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which is an autoimmune illness and marked by various autoantibodies in the blood like anti-ds DNA antibody and anti-SSA and so on. Lupus Nephritis is not the only complication of SLE, but it is the leading cause of death of SLE patients. So how is Lupus Nephritis caused? By knowing it well, we can help SLE patients to take some timely and useful measures to protect their kidney from being damaged.

How is kidney affected by SLE?

We have mentioned above that SLE is an illness in which various autoantibodies can be found in the blood. Antibody is the substance that can help us fight against harmful substance which is clinically called antigen. In some cases, antibodies appear only when there are antigens. However, when immune system becomes disordered, antibodies can not defeat antigen successfully or there are no antibodies or there are lots of autoantibodies. In normal cases, there are less autoantibodies, and when its content exceeds a standard value, our body organs will be attacked by them.

For patients with SLE, autoantibodies in their blood may attack any part of their body. When they circulate with blood and deposit in kidney, immune response will appear to remove them. Persistent immune response is the real cause of kidney damages in Lupus Nephritis. Kidney is an organ that works through a group of kidney tissues. When some kidney tissues are injured and fail to work properly, kidney function decreases. Lupus Nephritis is caused when kidney function is impaired due to damages caused by years of or uncontrolled SLE.

Lastly, occurrence of Lupus Nephritis is closely associated with immune disorder, so regulating immune system is the basic for SLE patients to tightly control their illness and effectively prevent Lupus Nephritis.

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