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How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis

Time:  2014-11-02 09:40

How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis Stage 5 kidney failure have has been considered as the final stage of chronic kidney disease. some people may think what how can Traditional Chinese Medicine treat stage 5 kidney failure.

At this stage, some obvious symptoms and complications become the risk factors to threat patients’ life. In a certain degree, dialysis is applied to alleviate these symptoms, so as to help patients to mention life. However, relying on dialysis is difficult to treat the kidney disease, because at this stage, there are many kinds of toxic substances are bedetained in the kidneys. Dialysis just can remove out the small size of wastes products, such as creatinine, water, blood urea nitrogen, and so on.

Therefore, on one hand, it is reasonable way for patients to eliminate all kinds of wastes products out of body. On the other hand, patients should seek for a treatment that puts emphasis on the renovation of kidney function.

Blood Purification

Blood purification is the treatment that can remove out the wastes products by filtering the blood. It is consist of

Hemofiltration, Hemoperfusion, Plasma exchange, Immune adsorption. Theses therapies are more advanced than dialysis, because they can remove out big size and middle size of wastes products.

Hemofiltration is applied to remove out the small size and big size of wastes products, like excess vitamin.

Hemoperfusion can eliminate the small size of wastes products, the middle size of wastes products as well as the big size of wastes products.

Plasma exchange is used to change the plasma in the blood. Once the plasma is removed out of the blood, fresh plasma will be backed to the blood.

Immune adsorption is therapy in which the adsorbing materials to eliminate the waste products related to the immune substances in the blood.

Hot Compress Therapy

It is a external application. With this application for a few weeks, all kinds of toxic substances can be wastes products as well as wastes products can be cleared out of body completely.

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