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The Alternative Treatment on Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 8.9

Time:  2014-10-22 17:14

alternative treatment on stage 5 kidney failureOnce one patient’s creatinine level is so high and GFR is lower than 15ml/min, when patients face alternative treatments, dialysis , kidney transplantation or natural treatment ?

First , when it comes to dialysis, some words will occur to us such as painful, tired, suffering. Even though dialysis can help us excrete extra water and toxins in our body in stead of kidney, but long terms dialysis has so many dangers in potential, now take a look, Long-term dialysis patients will have a lot of problems.

1. Inadequate dialysis, due to a single method of dialysis, toxins can not be completely clear out of the body

2. Dialysis dehydration is not sufficient, as we all know, kidney disease usually occurs in vivo accumulation of water, if we can not timely exclude the excess water from the body, there will be some problems, such as lower limb or eyelid edema, ascites, pleural fluid

3 After long-term dialysis, kidney will shrink seriously, renal parenchyma will lose function.

4 Patients with inadequate dialysis, or long-term dialysis patients will result in electrolytes abnormal, renal function damage, and cause a series of complications. This is a very serious problem that long-term dialysis patients facing.

For kidney transplantation, maybe most people would like to choose kidney transplantation, since they think after kidney transplantation, everything will be fine, and no more problem with kidney, which is an error. First, leave alone if patients can find a matched kidney to transplant, even though patients can do the kidney transplantation successfully, finally, they have to pay so much to maintain this new kidney transplanted, since in the first few years, the new kidney will be against patients body, that is anti rejection. Moreover, after 5-15 years, this new kidney will fail again .

Maybe the best way is to choose natural way to solve this problem, not only can reduce the frequency of dialysis or even stop dialysis, at the same time, you can seize more time of your life. Natural way can solve kidney disease with different ways, can improve kidney function and get patients get back to normal with Chinese medicine. If you want to know more details about the natural treatment, you can talk it with our online doctor directly. We will glad to help you.

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