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Is there hope for patients with stage 5 kidney failure

Time:  2014-08-21 06:28

Everyone can be frightened when refer to kidney failure. The damage of kidney will become worse and worse and very difficult to be reversed. When the illness comes into stage 5 kidney failure, it means that most of the kidney function has lost. Perhaps the patients just undergo dialysis and drink medicine to maintain life. But is there hope for patients with stage 5 kidney failure? Luckily, the answer is YES! Now i will explain it to you.

Stage 5 kidney failure means the GFR is below 15 and creatinine above 707 ml/min. Kidney cannot give play to its function and suffer from various symptoms. Perhaps the most remarkable are proteinuria, blood urine, swallow and hypoproteinemia. In addition, may sustain other symptoms and complications such as headache, itching skin, sleepless,breathe system and intestinal tract disorders and so on. The degree may different, all point to kidney failure.

However, there are still hope for patients with stage 5 kidney failure. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is based on the traditional Chinese medicine but used external. It is known to all that Chinese medicine has a long history more than 5000 years and famous all over the world. First, the chinese doctor will give the patients corresponding chinese medicine according to their illness. Then smash them into powder, putting into two bags and apply under the lower back of patients.

With the help of osmosis device and patients’ acupoint. Effective materials can be sent into kidney directly playing the role of repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. You know only the kidney return to its function can stage 5 kidney failure get reversed.

What is more, healthy lifestyle and diet also necessary. Avoid intense exercise such as running, playing basketball and football, for it will add the burden in kidney and accumulate the progress of kidney failure. Following the low salt, low fat, low protein diet and eat a lot of vegetables as well as fruits. Adjust the amount of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and sodium.

From above, we can know that there is still hope for patients with stage 5 kidney failure, if you want more about the topic, leave a message below or talk with the online doctor, we will give you the information you want.

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