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How to Slow Down Kidney Failure

Time:  2014-03-02 02:38

Kidney failure means your kidney has been damaged to a large extent. Only about10% of kidney functions were retained. If you happen to be a kidney failure sufferer, you must be worried your life expectancy and your illness condition all the time. Then how to slow down kidney failure?

Most patients with kidney failure choose dialysis to live longer all over the world. However, more and more side effects of dialysis have been found through years of clinical applications. The condition of patients’ kidney will get worse and worse. Is there an effective treatment to slow down kidney failure?

A. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Compared with traditional western treatment, this is an externally used therapy. Patients do not need to bear pain with this treatment. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can repair the damaged kidney cells and tissues with effective Chinese medicines packed in two medicine bags. The effective medicine will permeate into renal lesions with the help of osmosis device. At the same time, kidney function can be improved a lot with the nutrient elements get into your blood. Kidney failure can be slowed down with this therapy.

B. Medicated bath

With the damage of the kidney, high levels of toxins and wastes will build up in body and blood supply to kidneys will reduce. On the one hand, when soaked in bath, your sweat pore will open up and some effective medicines can enter body through sweat pore. The medicines can improve blood circulation to increase blood supply to kidneys. On the other hand, it can help remove metabolic wastes and extra fluids from the body. In this way, it can relieve the symptoms of swelling, itchy skin and so other problems. The progression of kidney failure will be delayed a lot.

C. Manage a scientific diet

A scientific diet can help slow down the kidney failure and increase the immunity. The general diet that are suggested to kidney failure patients are low-protein, low-salt, low-potassium, high-calcium and high-vitamin diet. You should managed your diet scientifically with kidney failure.

How to slow down kidney failure? The above are necessary ways to control the kidney disease. I can not ensure these treatments can cure kidney failure completely, patients can live longer without dialysis or kidney transplant. If you are interested in the treatments to slow down kidney failure, send an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com to know more.

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