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4 Tips Protect Your Kidney Functions For Avoiding Kidney Failure

Time:  2018-04-23 15:23

Kidney is very important to the human body. It is mainly responsible for excreting metabolic waste in the blood through urine. You can understand that kidneys are the cleaners in the body (of course, this is just one of its functions).

If the kidney has a serious problem, then the body will be filled with waste toxins, even if you choose dialysis or kidney transplantation, the toxin is less efficient than your kidney number.

People will gradually become weak and weak, seriously affecting life and quality of life.

4 tips for protecting the kidneys were summarized.

1. To take enough water.


The kidney filters the blood in the form of excretion of metabolic waste through urine. This process requires sufficient water, and the human body averages a daily urine 1600-2000ml. The amount of water that needs to be supplemented is the same.

2. Do not hold the urine.

Holding back urine can cause the toxins that the kidneys metabolize in the body and easily cause urinary tract infection. Prolonged holding back will cause damage to the bladder.

3. The balanced diet.

Eat more vegetables, eat less meat, pay attention to nutrition, if you want to nourish the kidney can eat more black foods such as Auricularia auricula, black beans and other foods.

In addition, eat less or try not to eat cold, spicy, stimulate high salt, high oil, high sugar and other foods, drink less.

4. To do exercise in regularly .

It not only can enhance immunity, but also to improve the body's metabolism, promote the body's metabolism of garbage discharge, reduce the burden of the kidneys.

In fact, the best measure for kidneys is to lighten the burden on them and not to add extra burden to them. Also, do not ignore, do not overuse drugs, such as antibiotics or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, these drugs do not often appear immediately, so the drug must be cautious.

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