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Pay Attention On 5 Reasons Which Are Easy To Cause Kidney Failure

Time:  2018-04-22 15:49

The kidneys are very vulnerable, and cold, infection, medication, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and so on will hurt the kidneys. Our kidney reserves three times of nephron for consumption in order to continue to work under impaired conditions.

But in patients with chronic kidney disease, the rate of renal unit consumption will speed up. Even if the creatinine does not rise, the renal units are often inadequate, even in a state of depleted reserves. Therefore, the kidney in the inflammatory phase is less resistant to risk. Once the crisis occurs, the renal function will decline and renal failure will occur.

1. Infection

The most common are respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections and digestive tract infections. Infection can aggravate kidney inflammation, which may lead to a rapid decline in renal function, especially in the case of septic shock, the kidney will be ischemic, and the decline of renal function is very obvious.

2. Blood volume decline

Blood volume can be understood as blood flowing in blood vessels, often caused by dehydration. Fever, diarrhea, heat stroke, shock, hypoglycemia and hypotension all cause dehydration, which will lead to a decline in renal filtration function.

3. Urinary tract obstruction

It is often caused by urinary calculi. Once the stone plugging the ureter, it will cause one side of the kidney hydronephrosis, which will cause renal ischemia, leading to renal failure.

4. Nephrotoxic drugs

It is important to note that not only the rise of blood pressure can lead to a decline in renal function, but the decrease of blood pressure is too fast, so the kidneys will be damaged, so the antihypertensive drugs need a small dose to start for a long time.

In conclusion, patients with chronic kidney disease need to develop long-term healthy living habits and persist in long-term monitoring so as to provide strong protection for the kidneys.

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