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Benefits Of Moringa On Healing Kidney Failure

Time:  2014-02-14 06:20

Benefits Of Moringa On Healing Kidney DiseaseMoringa is a great source of food, as well as cosmetic and medical ingredients. Moringa is a traditional medicine to heal kidney disease. Moringa contains some chemical substances like alkaloid moringa, substance moringinan and substances pterigospermin. Also many people believe that moringa can heal kidney disease. Then how does moringa cure kidney disease?

1. Moringa and kidney disease

We know the important organs, kidneys are able to filter wastes from the body’s metabolism. However, when they are not functioning properly, toxins will be buried in the body for a long time, leading to health problems which may cause to death. The body will not show any symptoms before 90% of impaired kidney function. In this case, when people find their kidney functions are impaired, the disease has been difficult to treat. So moringa leaf is taken to prevent kidney failure.

2. What are the benefits of Moringa on kidney disease?

2.1 Moringa for kidney stone

Kidney stone patients can make routine moringa leaf as vegetables every day for a month and also routine, which helps rapid kidney stone shed and come out with urination. Moringa leaf can increase urine output, cure illness of the digestive tract and can remove stones in the bladder.

2.2 Moringa helps to prevent anemia

As a complication of kidney failure, anemia can worsen kidney condition directly. In case of kidney failure, many factors can lead to anemia and iron insufficient is one of the causes. Moringa is high in iron, so routine moringa in daily life will help prevent anemia effectively to some extent.

2.3 Moringa is able to balance cholesterol level in the body.

2.4 Moringa can help fight against diabetes since it is able to balance sugar level.

2.5 Moringa has anti-bacterial properties.

Though Moringa has benefits on kidney disease, it does not mean all patients can eat it. You must consult your doctor before you take moringa and any other herbs.

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