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How To Solve The Difficult Breath In Kidney Failure Patients

Time:  2017-09-10 15:25

How To Solve The Difficult Breath In Kidney Failure PatientsThe internal environments are disorder, immune functions are very low, and patients are easy to be affected by various factors. The common to see are pulmonary edema, uremic lung, pleural effusion, etc. So this article will tell you all the answers and give the right treatments for patients.

If you have breath problems that do some treatments as soon as possible, which are beneficial for longer and better life.

What are the common respiratory systema complications of kidney failure?

1. Uremic lung: the complications of kidney disease are slight in the early stage, and cough is gradually severe. Patients will be difficult in breath in the end stage.

2. Uremic pleural disease: the rate to kidney failure patients is 15%-20%. Patient will have chest pain or discomfort in the chest, difficult in breath and heat.

3. Pulmonary calcification: the clinical for patients are chronic difficult in breath, chest radiograph is normal. CFR often cause calcification of the soft tissue. So patients need to stop the supplying the calcium, remove the thyroid and eat a low phosphorus diet, taking oral alumina, low calcium dialysate, reduce the times of dialysis.

4. Pulmonary edema: it is common to see in uremic patients. Patients are less urine and no urine, and difficult in breath.

So we have known what cause the difficult in breath, so what can we do?

1. stopping the damage to kidney again.

2. Improving kidney function.

3. Reducing the times of dialysis

4. Relieving the swelling

5. Adjusting the internal environment and improving immunity.

So i recommend the systematic treatments to play their effects for kidney failure patients. The chinese herbal medicines used in Toxins-Removing Treatments can help remove the toxins and excess wastes to reduce creatinine level and stop the damage to kidney again. Otherwise, Medicated bath and Foot bath can help improve kidney function. Immunotherapy can wake up the immune system to fight with cold and infection.

Of course, the systematic treatments not only the four treatments, it also have other treatments. If you want to know more details that you can consult the online doctor, or please contact:


Email: chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com

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