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Natural Ways To Improve Urine Production In Kidney Failure

Time:  2014-02-11 07:40

Natural Ways To Improve Urine Production In Kidney FailureKidneys generate urine and in normal cases the urine output is about 1000-1500ml. Urinary changes are very common among kidney failure patients such as frequent urination, decreased urine output or even no urine at all. what are natural ways to improve urine production in kidney failure?

1. Foods with diuretic function can be eaten by kidney failure patients.

Consume foods with diuretic properties that can help increase urine flow such as eggplants, celery and onion, watermelon, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage and horseradish. Foods are natural diuretic properties which can help remove excess water so as to increase urine production.

2. Herbs to improve urine production in kidney failure

Parsley provides a diuretic effect when consumed in small quantities and the hawthorn herb can also be diuretics. Besides, dandelion, ginger and juniper can also be used to remove water retention and increase output.

3. Beverages to increase urine output

Some beverages can be used as natural diuretics to improve urine output, such as caffeinated coffee, green tea, cranberry juice, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

4. Hot compress therapy

For renal failure patients, only when kidney function is improved can urine output be improved from the root. Well how to improve renal function? You can have a try for hot compress therapy. Selected Chinese medicines are chosen according to patients’ health condition, and the ingredients of Chinese medicines can not only repair damaged kidney tissues but also improving kidney function by way of supplying enough oxygen and blood for kidneys to improve ischemia and hypoxia state of kidney. In this way, damaged kidney intrinsic cells can be restored and kidney function is also improved. As long as kidney function is improved, urine output can also be improved fundamentally. If there is still urine output, it means there are some kidney functions, so improving urine production in kidney failure become the most concern of patients.

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